Lotus Emeya: Hyper-Electric GT with 14-Minute Fast Charging

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Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya

When it comes to electric cars, charging time remains a significant hurdle for long-distance travel. However, Lotus is making a bold statement with their first electric hyper-GT, the Emeya.

This high-performance machine boasts a charging speed that shatters expectations. Independent testing confirms the Emeya can replenish its battery from 10% to 80% in a mere 14 minutes, utilizing a powerful 400-kW DC fast charger.

This achievement positions Emeya as a leader in charging technology, surpassing other notable electric vehicles in this category.

Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya (Lotus)

Owning a Lotus Emeya goes beyond just driving a high-performance electric car. The accompanying charging solutions provide a seamless experience for European drivers.

Partnering with Bosch grants Emeya owners access to a vast network of over 700,000 public chargers spanning 30 countries. This network and the Lotus Charging Card allow for effortless charging, cost management, and remote battery monitoring through the Lotus Cars app.

For those seeking a home charging solution, Lotus provides a comprehensive package through Mobilize Power Solutions, which includes charger installation and support.


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