Ford’s Automotive Revival: Puma, Bronco, and Potential Capri

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Ford's Automotive Revival
Ford's Automotive Revival

Following the well-received electric Mustang Mach-E, Ford is dipping back into its history book for another name revival.

After bringing back icons like the Puma and Bronco, the automaker is teasing the return of the Capri. This legendary sports car name, adorning vehicles from 1968 to 1986, might soon grace a new electric crossover.

The Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform is a breeding ground for electric vehicles, underpinning a variety of models from VW, Skoda, Cupra, and Audi.

Ford's Automotive Revival
Ford’s Automotive Revival (Ford)

This shared architecture gives Ford access to a range of powertrains for its upcoming European electric crossover coupe.

While the Explorer EV aims the boxy ID.4, the new Ford (potentially reviving the Capri name) will adopt a sleeker fastback design, setting its sights on the ID.5 in the electric SUV coupe segment.

Powertrains are likely to mirror the Explorer, offering single and dual-motor options fueled by a 77 kWh battery pack. Ford might face some resistance to applying the legendary Capri badge to an electric crossover, but the brand has a history of reinterpreting classic names for contemporary SUVs, and its fanbase may already be on board.

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