Toyota’s Diverse Lineup: GR Models, Electrification, and Future Rumors

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Toyota's Diverse Lineup
Toyota's Diverse Lineup

Commanding a strong presence in the American car market, Toyota reigns supreme in various segments. Pickup enthusiasts favor the Tacoma, while the RAV4 and Camry dominate their respective SUV and sedan categories.

Offering a vast selection, Toyota caters to diverse driver preferences with vehicles like the versatile Corolla series (encompassing sedans, hatchbacks, and the performance-oriented GR Corolla), the environmentally friendly Prius lineup, and the luxurious offerings like the Crown and Mirai.

Though their current focus leans towards SUVs, trucks, and CUVs, whispers among car fanatics suggest a potential expansion of the GR performance brand. Speculation centers around a high-powered GR SUV and even a revival of a classic sports car nameplate, with the MR2 and Celica being potential contenders.

Toyota's Diverse Lineup
Toyota’s Diverse Lineup (vburlapp / Instagram)

This concept bridges the gap between performance and efficiency by incorporating the existing Corolla Hybrid’s powertrain, known for its 138 horsepower and impressive fuel economy.

Burlapp imagines that GR engineers could tweak this setup to deliver more power without sacrificing affordability, keeping the Celica true to its roots as an accessible four-seater. While some rumors suggest a high-performance, all-wheel-drive Celica exceeding 300 horsepower, this might compete with the GR Supra.

Burlapp’s concept offers a more realistic alternative, showcasing the potential for a well-rounded Celica Hybrid to join Toyota’s roster. However, it’s important to remember that these are just speculations, and Toyota has yet to officially announce any plans for a Celica revival.

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