MINI Cooper 2024: Styling, Features, and Model Range Overview

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MINI Cooper 2024
MINI Cooper 2024

BMW’s acquisition of the Mini brand in 2001 led to a modern interpretation of the iconic hatchback.

This reimagined Mini has changed through four generations, offering a variety of body styles, including two-door and four-door hatchbacks, as well as convertibles.

The latest iteration introduces a significant change: the MINI Cooper name now applies to all trims, with the initial offering being an all-electric model.

Alongside this electric MINI, BMW has refreshed the third-generation gasoline-powered MINI Hatch, now distinct as the MINI Cooper 3 Door.

MINI Cooper 2024
MINI Cooper 2024 (MINI)

To complement the 3-door, a new five-door MINI Cooper has been introduced, promising the classic MINI driving experience with increased practicality.

Offering increased functionality for those with a penchant for style, the MINI Cooper five-door expands on the classic design with a more practical twist.

Stretching the body slightly after the center pillar, this variant boasts increased passenger capacity with comfortable seating for five and versatile 60/40 split-folding rear seats.

With the rear seats stowed away, cargo space expands dramatically from 275 liters to a whopping 925 liters, making it a great choice for errands or weekend getaways.


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