Fisker Recall: NHTSA Compliance Issues & Updates

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Fisker Recall
Fisker Recall

A safety concern arose in the Fisker Ocean SUV due to malfunctioning warning lights.

In February, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) flagged four problems with the instrument cluster: small font size for brake and parking indicators, incorrect amber color for brake warnings (meant to be red), missing bulb check, and an inoperable brake lining indicator.

This resulted in a recall as the vehicles violated federal safety standards for controls and displays (FMVSS 101) and light vehicle brake systems (FMVSS 135).

Fisker Recall
Fisker Recall (Fisker)

Despite securing a small loan in May 2024, Fisker faces an uncertain future. The electric vehicle manufacturer has halted production of its Ocean SUV due to software issues and is struggling financially.

The company’s stock price has plummeted from a high of over $28 per share in February 2021 to under $0.05 currently. Fisker is reportedly in default on a recent loan and may not have the funds to continue production with supplier Magna Steyr.

In an attempt to address the software problems, Fisker has issued a recall and will notify owners by mail about a fix that can be applied remotely.

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