Toyota GR Crown Sport: Hypothetical Hot SUV Concept and Future Plans

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Toyota GR Crown Sport
Toyota GR Crown Sport

The year 2024 it kicked off with a bang for Toyota with the introduction of the spacious, three-row Grand Highlander and its Lexus twin, the TX, both rolling off the production line at TMMI in Indiana.

This was just the first act, as Toyota quickly shifted gears to reveal a series of exciting new models. The lineup included the all-new N400 iteration of the popular Tacoma pickup, the return of the legendary Land Cruiser (alongside its Lexus GX 550 sibling), the next-generation 2025 Camry sedan, the luxurious Crown Signia crossover SUV, and the ever-rugged 4Runner.

But the party isn’t over yet. Rumors are swirling about a forthcoming GR-performance branded SUV, with speculation rife about which existing Toyota platform will serve as the base Highlander, Grand Highlander, Land Cruiser, Crown Signia, or perhaps even the 4Runner. In the meantime, digital car design enthusiasts are busy churning out imaginative concepts to fuel the anticipation.

Toyota GR Crown Sport
Toyota GR Crown Sport (theottle / YouTube)

Instead of waiting for a potential North American launch of the sporty Toyota Crown lineup, digital car designer Theottle has a different vision: a tire-shredding GR Crown Sport crossover SUV. Toyota already offers two Crown options: a sleek cross-sedan and the Crown Signia crossover.

Theottle proposes a third. This GR Crown Sport would be a more attainable alternative to the high-priced Ferrari Purosangue, seen as a sporty wagon on tall legs. Borrowing design cues from the aggressive GR Yaris, Theottle’s concept emphasizes the hot-hatchback spirit of this bulked-up GR Crown Sport.

Powering this hypothetical performance flagship might require a one-of-a-kind approach, perhaps a Gazoo Racing-tuned version of the standard Crown’s plug-in hybrid system.

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