1967 MGB GT Restomod: BMC British Automotive’s GM V6 Swap and Stunning Riviera Blue Finish

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1967 MGB GT Restomod
1967 MGB GT Restomod

In the worldwide community of fans of vintage automobiles, engine swaps like LSX and Coyote transplants are popular choices for creating modernized muscle cars.

However, some fans prefer a more subtle approach that enhances drivability without sacrificing the original character.

This 1967 MGB GT coupe from BMC British Automotive in Isanti, Minnesota, embodies this “anti-restomod” philosophy.

Upon first inspection, the car appears completely stock, sporting a flawless, numbers-matching interior and exterior. But a deeper look reveals a practical engine change that prioritizes enjoyable cruising over pure power.

1967 MGB GT Restomod
1967 MGB GT Restomod (BMC British Automotive)

Instead of a traditional restoration, this British sports car has been transformed into a powerful restomod machine. After a complete teardown to the frame, the body received a fresh coat of eye-catching Riviera Blue paint.

Under the hood lies a surprising secret: a 3.4-liter GM L32 V6 engine, commonly found in early 1990s Pontiac Firebirds and Chevy Camaros. While not known for monstrous horsepower, these L32 engines are compact and perfect for fitting into classic MGs, a fact well-documented by enthusiasts online.

This particular restomod pairs the L32 with a Borg Warner five-speed manual transmission salvaged from a Ford Thunderbird, creating a car optimized for exhilarating drives on winding roads and short tracks, rather than straight-line acceleration contests. The lighter weight of this car, compared to its American muscle car cousins, allows the L32 V6 to deliver truly impressive performance.


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