Nissan’s Electric Shift: Future of GT-R and New Murano Renderings Explored

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Nissan's Electric Shift
Nissan's Electric Shift

Breaking ranks with fellow Japanese automakers partnering on new gasoline engines, Nissan is making a bold electric push.

They’ve announced they’re stopping investments in traditional diesel and gasoline engines, signaling a clear focus on electric vehicles (EVs). This doesn’t spell the end for Nissan’s iconic performance models though.

While the next GT-R may not roar with a gasoline engine, the promise of a legendary successor remains. With the official details under wraps, speculation and creative visions are filling the void.

Nissan's Electric Shift
Nissan’s Electric Shift (Nissan)

As the current Nissan Murano (Z52) hits a decade on the road since its 2014 debut, speculation swirls around the design of its eventual successor.

These unofficial renderings envision a bolder Murano, potentially drawing inspiration from Nissan’s electric Aryia.

The CGI Murano takes on a more aggressive look compared to the current generation, hinting at a possible design direction. It’s important to remember that these are just predictions, and Nissan’s official plans remain undisclosed.

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