Jaguar’s Electric Transition: Farewell F-Type, Hello Electric GT

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Jaguar's Electric Transition
Jaguar's Electric Transition

As Jaguar charges towards an electric future, a beloved icon is about to take its final bow. The Jaguar F-Type, a head-turner that defied the industry’s shift away from sculpted designs, will soon conclude its production run.

This bittersweet development comes as Jaguar sets its sights on becoming a manufacturer of electric luxury cars.

While enthusiasts mourn the F-Type’s demise, hope flickers on the horizon. Jaguar is slated to reveal an electric GT concept later this year, hinting at a future with potentially lower sales volumes but one that prioritizes stunning design alongside innovative electric power.

Jaguar's Electric Transition
Jaguar’s Electric Transition (Jaguar)

Marking the end of an era, Jaguar is commemorating the final production of its iconic F-Type sports car with a special tribute.

The last internal combustion engine, the F-Type, mirroring the specifications of the last E-Type built 50 years prior, signifies a turning point for the brand. Jaguar is now setting its sights on a future shaped by electric vehicles while honoring its 75-year heritage of creating cutting-edge sports cars.


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