Nissan Z Heritage Edition: Features & Price Analysis

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Nissan Z Heritage Edition
Nissan Z Heritage Edition

Marking 55 years of Nissan’s iconic Z car, Nissan North America introduces the Z Heritage Edition.

This limited-production sports car pays homage to the beloved 1970 Datsun 240Z, with a price tag of over $60,000 that echoes the inflation-adjusted cost of its predecessor.

Built upon the Z Performance trim, which slots between the Z Sport and Z NISMO, the Heritage Edition boasts a unique visual package.

With a nod to the Fairlady Z432R, it features a vibrant New Sight Orange paint job, distinctive Datsun-inspired design cues, and a collection of decals that pay tribute to the Z’s rich heritage.

Nissan Z Heritage Edition
Nissan Z Heritage Edition (Nissan)

A sportier version of the standard Z, the Z Heritage Edition packs a punch with a mechanical limited-slip differential for enhanced handling, a Bose sound system for immersive audio, and upgraded brakes for confident stopping power.

This upgraded trim pays homage to the 240Z with design elements that harken back to that iconic car, while under the hood, a twin-turbocharged engine delivers exhilarating performance. Despite its impressive features, the Z hasn’t quite captured the sales magic of its predecessor, the 370Z.

With only a fraction of the units sold compared to the 370Z’s peak year, factors like a higher starting price and the current market trends seem to be at play. The affordability challenge is compounded by rising interest rates and the consumer shift towards SUVs and trucks.

This trend is evident in Ford’s decision to phase out cars in Europe, focusing on larger vehicles. Unlike Ford, Nissan is currently not offering the Z or GT-R in Europe, further limiting the Z’s potential market.


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