Bentley’s Future: Introducing the Ultra Performance Hybrid

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Bentley's Future
Bentley's Future

Marking a new chapter for Bentley under Volkswagen, the Continental GT, launched in 2003 as the brand’s first W12 offering, is set for a significant powertrain upgrade.

April 2024 saw the retirement of the W12 engine in favor of a technologically advanced plug-in hybrid twin-turbo V8 dubbed the Ultra Performance Hybrid.

This powerful new unit will make its debut in the highly anticipated next-generation Continental GT, expected to be revealed on June 25th.

Visually, the upcoming Continental GT is rumored to sport completely redesigned headlights inspired by the exclusive Mulliner Bacalar.

Bentley's Future
Bentley’s Future (Bentley)

With an impressive output of 771 horsepower, the Ultra Performance Hybrid outmuscles both the Bentley Batur’s 740 hp and the Lamborghini Urus SE’s 789 hp.

Boasting an impressive electric range and low emissions, the new Continental GT Speed pushes boundaries on both performance and sustainability.

With a claimed WLTP electric range of 80 kilometers (50 miles) and CO2 emissions dipping below 50 grams per kilometer, the Continental GT Speed also recently set an unofficial underwater speed record of 208 mph in Norway’s Ryfylketunnelen.

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