Classic 1972 Chevy Nova: Low Mileage, Unique Upgrades, and Great Condition – $16,000

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Classic 1972 Chevy Nova
Classic 1972 Chevy Nova

Despite focusing their efforts on the Vega, Chevrolet’s Nova saw a surprising sales surge in 1972. While the new model bore a strong resemblance to its predecessor, Chevrolet offered the Super Sport and Rally Sport packages to boost appeal.

Notably, the Rally Sport could be ordered without the SS, sacrificing the powerful 350 V8 engine rated at 200 net horsepower (a change from the previous year’s gross ratings).

Buyers could opt for a 100 horsepower 250 six-cylinder engine (detuned from 145 horsepower) or the 307 V8, producing 130 horsepower, down from the 200 horsepower advertised earlier.

The featured Nova has a 307 engine paired with a three-speed transmission, possibly not original, but boasts upgrades like a new dual-exhaust system, St. Louis springs, and Ansen Sprint wheels. The original rims are also available for those seeking a factory look.

Classic 1972 Chevy Nova
Classic 1972 Chevy Nova (eBay seller polara65dude)

Listed by eBay seller polara65dude, this Chevrolet Nova could be a dream come true for classic car enthusiasts looking for a well-preserved barn find. Parked away for three decades, the Nova boasts a remarkably low mileage of only 19,000 miles and appears to be in great shape based on the pictures.

The seller assures the mileage is original, which aligns with the car’s extended storage period. Interestingly, the car was started weekly since 1994, potentially explaining its good condition.

While details about the body are scarce, the concrete floor of the barn suggests minimal rust concerns, especially on the undercarriage. The price of $16,000 seems reasonable considering the car’s low mileage and apparent good condition.


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