Bugatti’s Next-Gen Hypercar: Hybrid Powertrain and Unmatched Performance

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Bugatti's Next-Gen Hypercar
Bugatti's Next-Gen Hypercar

Stepping into a new era, Bugatti reveals its next-generation hypercar, a powerful plug-in hybrid.

The yet-to-be-named successor to the Chiron ditches the pure internal combustion engine for a hybrid powertrain featuring a high-voltage battery and three electric motors.

Similar to other hybrid setups, one motor sits at the rear while the others propel the front wheels, enabling a limited electric-only driving range.

But let’s be honest, the allure of this Bugatti isn’t about eco-friendly commutes, and it’s the prestigious badge and the mighty heart of the beast: a naturally aspirated V16 engine.

Bugatti's Next-Gen Hypercar
Bugatti’s Next-Gen Hypercar (Bugatti)

Bugatti is revving up to unleash a new monster on the track. This upcoming Chiron-based hypercar boasts a revolutionary powertrain that combines the thunderous legacy of the W16 engine with the surging power of electric drive units.

The result? A potential contender for the title of most powerful Bugatti ever, with an estimated output exceeding 1,800 horsepower.

While whispers suggest the final version might settle at a mighty 1,578 horsepower, matching the mighty Super Sport, this new machine pushes the boundaries of performance even further.

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