Mitsubishi’s Future: Electrification Over Iconic Lancer Evolution Revival

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Mitsubishi’s Future
Mitsubishi’s Future

Mitsubishi’s current lineup faces challenges. The Mirage is nearing retirement, the Eclipse Cross lacks visual appeal, and the Outlander Sport is aging poorly.

While the Outlander and its PHEV variant shine, they can’t carry the brand alone. This lack of excitement fuels speculation about potential nameplate revivals.

Digital car designers envision everything from a hero crossover to enhanced versions of existing models. A few dream of a high-performance Lancer Evolution resurrection.

Despite these desires, Mitsubishi’s recently announced “Momentum 2030” plan prioritizes electrification, dealer expansion, technology improvements, and innovation.

The plan promises a yearly debut of a new or refreshed vehicle, alongside introductions in new segments. This focus on the future leaves enthusiast dreams hanging, at least for now.

Mitsubishi’s Future
Mitsubishi’s Future (Mitsubishi)

While Mitsubishi hasn’t hinted at bringing back the Lancer Evolution, car designer Alexis Poncelet has envisioned a future for the iconic rally car in the digital world.

Using 3D software, Poncelet crafted a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI that blends classic EVO design elements with modern Mitsubishi aesthetics.

The design stays true to the EVO’s spirit with features like split headlights, and round LED fog lights inspired by rally cars, a prominent front intake that doubles as a grille, and a signature hood scoop.

The profile maintains a timeless look with a modern twist, while the rear boasts the legendary large wing synonymous with the EVO.

The focus on air intake and dual exhaust outlets suggests this envisioned EVO XI remains firmly rooted in the internal combustion engine era, likely featuring all-wheel drive to complete the rally-bred package.


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