Ford F-150’s Retro Revival: A Digital Artist’s Vision for the Iconic Pickup

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Ford F-150's Retro Revival
Ford F-150's Retro Revival

While Ford’s sales dipped slightly, the company saw bright spots in its truck and hybrid vehicle segments.

The revamped F-150, a crucial source of revenue, regained sales momentum after a sluggish first quarter due to delayed rollouts.

Hybrid offerings, particularly the F-150 Hybrid and Maverick Hybrid, continued to perform well, despite concerns about profitability in the electric vehicle segment.

Truck sales, exceeding 88,000 units, were the backbone of Ford’s performance, with the F-150 leading the charge.

This popular pickup offers a wide range of trims, from the budget-friendly XL to the luxurious Raptor, along with various body styles and bed configurations.

However, some car enthusiasts online believe the F-150 lineup lacks a vintage-inspired option. A digital car designer has addressed this gap by creating a virtual concept that injects a retro touch into the iconic truck.

Ford F-150's Retro Revival
Ford F-150’s Retro Revival (Ford)

Buckle up for a blast from the past with a modern twist! Pixel artist Abimelec Arellano, known online as abimelecdesign, has revealed a dream project – a retro-inspired F-Series truck.

A self-proclaimed aficionado of the 80s and 90s, Arellano reminisced about the era’s bold styling packages offered by Ford in Mexico. These packages, like the ‘Explorer’ and ‘Fighter,’ catered to the burgeoning demand for sporty trucks that retained functionality.

The ‘Fighter’ particularly captured Arellano’s imagination. He describes it as boasting “power windows, plush velour seats, unique aluminum wheels, a premium sound system, a darkened grille, side exhaust pipes, and a light bar-equipped roll bar.”

The real kicker? A potent 5.8L EFI engine paired with a close-ratio four-speed transmission, all breathing through throaty glass pack mufflers. It’s no surprise then, that Arellano’s latest creation is a modern interpretation of this iconic package.


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