2024 BMW X3: Bold Design and Powerful Specs Spark Mixed Reactions

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2025 BMW X3
2025 BMW X3

Debuting in June 2024, the fourth-generation BMW X3 has sparked mixed reactions. Some criticize the bold design direction, a trend seen in recent BMW models like the 1 Series and M3.

This stands in contrast to competitors like Audi and Mercedes-Benz, whose designs tend to be more homogenous.

However, others praise the individuality this brings to each BMW series. Regardless of taste, the X3 boasts impressive features.

In the US, it offers two mild-hybrid powertrains, a starting MSRP below $50,000, and a standard all-wheel drive. The X3 xDrive30 comes at $49,500 and packs 255 hp from a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

2025 BMW X3
2025 BMW X3 (BMW)

While the new 2025 X3 has garnered significant attention for its bold design and technical prowess, rumors suggest the X4 coupe-SUV might be on the chopping block, with the X2 potentially taking its place (starting at a more affordable $42k in the US, compared to the X4’s $55k minimum).

Undeterred by this chatter, digital car designer Sugar Chow (sugardesign_1 on social media) has taken it upon themselves to craft a CGI vision of a potential next-generation X4.

This is purely hypothetical, mind you, so hold off on celebrating just yet – an official announcement from BMW regarding the 2025 or 2026 X4 is still forthcoming.

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