Bugatti Tourbillon: A Revolutionary €3.8M Hypercar with V16 PHEV and Dihedral Doors

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Bugatti Tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon

Stepping aside from the record-breaking reign of the Chiron, Bugatti has revealed a revolutionary successor: the Tourbillon.

This hypercar boasts an entirely new platform and powertrain, marking a significant leap not just for Bugatti but for the entire hypercar world.

While the Veyron was undoubtedly groundbreaking in its time, it pales in comparison to the technological marvel that is the Tourbillon.

The true benchmark for the Tourbillon lies with its predecessor, the Chiron. Until its production concluded in May 2024, the Chiron reigned supreme as the undisputed king of combustion-powered hypercars.

Bugatti Tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon (Bugatti)

Surpassing the legendary Chiron, Bugatti ushers in a new era of hypercars with the Tourbillon. This engineering and design marvel boasts a €3.8 million price tag (roughly $4.1 million) and shatters performance expectations.

The next-generation powerhouse utilizes a mighty V16 PHEV system, launching from 0-100 km/h in a mind-bending 2.0 seconds, leaving the Chiron in the dust. While echoing Bugatti’s signature design, the Tourbillon incorporates distinctive features.

Dihedral doors, reminiscent of the Rimac Nevera, provide a dramatic entrance. The interior boasts a technological marvel – a tourbillon-inspired instrument cluster meticulously crafted with over 600 parts.

The Tourbillon stretches slightly longer than its predecessor yet achieves a sleeker profile due to its lowered stance. Fear not, thrill-seekers, for the adjustable pedal box and backrests create a perfect driving position despite the fixed seats.


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