Classic Buick Rivieras: From Custom Modifications to Meticulous Preservation

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Classic Buick Rivieras
Classic Buick Rivieras

A cornerstone of American luxury throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the Buick Riviera carved out a unique space for itself.

Despite facing stiff competition, these cars have become beloved by a passionate community that celebrates them in diverse ways. This enthusiasm is evident in two stunning examples from the Riviera’s first generation: a heavily modified 1964 and a meticulously preserved 1965 with all its original parts intact.

Nicknamed “Vanquish,” the 1964 model embodies the most end of the customization spectrum. Its extensive reworkings culminated in the prestigious Goodguys Vintage Air Custom Rod of the Year award in 2022.

Transformed by Cruzer’s Customs into a head-turning masterpiece, the Vanquish features a Roadster Shop chassis, EVOD wheels, and a potent LS engine tuned by Don Hardy Race Cars to produce a mind-blowing 550 horsepower.

Classic Buick Rivieras
Classic Buick Rivieras (Barrett-Jackson)

While undeniably impressive, this transformation comes at the expense of the car’s original classic character. Buckle up for a trip down memory lane with this stunning 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport heading to auction in October.

This meticulously preserved classic features its original, numbers-matching 425 cubic inch V8 engine that delivers smooth power through a 3-speed automatic transmission and a 3.42 positraction rear end. The exterior is a testament to automotive craftsmanship, boasting the original factory paint in immaculate condition.

Gleaming chrome accents, including the front valance and bumpers, were recently restored to add a dazzling touch and ensure this head-turning classic continues to impress. Every original badge remains, with the legendary clamshell headlights taking center stage.

Open the door and enter a driver’s paradise featuring factory-tinted windows and polished stainless-steel trim. Classic Rally wheels with whitewall tires finalize the period-accurate look, transporting you back to the era in which this beauty debuted.

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