Stellantis Brands Revamp: Jeep, Ram, Dodge, and Chrysler’s Exciting New Developments

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Stellantis Brands Revamp
Stellantis Brands Revamp

Don’t let a recent safety recall dampen your spirits if you’re a fan of Stellantis’ American brands. Gearheads have reason to cheer with a wave of exciting developments on the horizon for Jeep, Ram, Dodge, and Chrysler.

Ram is about to give its popular HD line a significant makeover, while Dodge is offering a double dose of muscle car magic: a thrilling electric Charger Daytona for 2024 and a 2025 Sixpack boasting a powerful twin-turbo engine.

After a long wait, Chrysler is finally getting some love from Stellantis, and Jeep continues to push boundaries with the Mopar Gladiator, an extended production run of the legendary V8 Wrangler 392, and a trifecta of all-new models, including an electric Renegade, a redesigned Compass, and a mystery vehicle waiting to be revealed.

Stellantis Brands Revamp
Stellantis Brands Revamp (Digimods DESIGN / YouTube)

Instead of a complete overhaul, rumors suggest Jeep is refreshing the Renegade and Compass for continued competition in the compact SUV arena.

The Renegade is expected to return as a fully electric vehicle in 2027, while the Compass will receive a redesign to stay relevant beyond that year. This has ignited speculation about the Compass’s future design.

Digital artists are offering their visions for the Compass’s refresh. Some predict a complete shift to electric power, while others foresee a gasoline-electric hybrid option.

One designer, Dimas Ramadhan, has created a CGI rendering that depicts a Compass with a gasoline engine but styled after the Jeep Wagoneer S, borrowing design elements like the grille and taillights.

The inclusion of exhaust pipes in this rendering hints at a possible hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant, potentially integrating the Compass into Jeep’s 4xe lineup. It’s crucial to remember that these are purely artistic interpretations, and Jeep has remained tight-lipped about the official design direction.

The brand faces the significant challenge of maintaining its appeal in a market saturated with compact SUVs and crossovers. Perhaps the next Renegade and Compass will undergo a more substantial transformation than these renderings suggest. Only time will tell if these design changes will be sufficient to convince buyers to choose Jeep over its numerous competitors.

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