Toyota’s $531M Expansion in San Antonio to Create 400 Jobs, Boost Truck Production

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Toyota's $531M Expansion
Toyota's $531M Expansion

Texas is seeing a significant boost to its manufacturing industry with Toyota’s colossal investment in its San Antonio plant.

This half-billion dollar expansion plan will not only increase the facility’s size by 500,000 square feet but also create 400 new high-quality jobs.

The Texas plant, already responsible for producing trucks and SUVs like the Tundra and Tacoma, will see its production capacity significantly bolstered.

This investment further strengthens Toyota’s commitment to the Lone Star State, where the automaker has been a fixture for over two decades.

Toyota's $531M Expansion
Toyota’s $531M Expansion

Toyota is pouring another $531 million into its San Antonio production facility, bringing its total investment in the plant to over $4.7 billion.

This latest expansion will create 400 new jobs and introduce advanced manufacturing technologies, solidifying San Antonio’s position as a hub for innovation within Toyota’s North American operations.

The Texas governor credits the state’s business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and low taxes for attracting Toyota’s continued investment. This news follows on the heels of another major investment by Toyota in its Alabama plant.

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