Audi A7 Allroad Quattro: Off-Road Luxury Confirmed for Comeback

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Audi A7 Allroad Quattro
Audi A7 Allroad Quattro

Audi fans rejoice! Feared to be discontinued with the next-generation switch from A6 to A7, the beloved A7 Allroad Quattro is confirmed to be making a comeback.

Although a casual observer might mistake this prototype for the standard A7 Avant, a closer look reveals key differences.

The presence of flared wheel arches, typically absent on sportier models like the RS 7 Avant, hints at the Allroad’s off-road aspirations.

These arches, along with the lifted ride height, will likely be complemented by black cladding on the bumpers and side skirts, echoing the design of the outgoing A6 Allroad.

Audi A7 Allroad Quattro
Audi A7 Allroad Quattro (Audi)

While engine specifications remain under wraps, the current model boasts a powerful 3.0L V6 engine, making it a compelling alternative to traditional SUVs, especially with Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive standard.

Audi is tight-lipped about the upcoming A7 Allroad, but informed speculation paints a picture of an off-road-ready version of their stylish A7 Avant. Following the trend in European markets, diesel and gasoline powertrains are likely contenders, both working in tandem with standard all-wheel drive. The mystery lies in the specific transmission choice.

Expect a familial resemblance to the A7 Avant lineup but with a rugged twist. Look for distinctive bumpers, a lifted suspension for better ground clearance, and potentially unique wheels and tires designed to conquer uneven terrain.

The interior will probably get some upgrades as well, but specifics remain under wraps. With the standard A7 Avant expected for a near-future release, the A7 Allroad should follow close behind. Expect a slight price bump over the current A6 Allroad, which starts at $69,300 in the US.


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