Audi’s Bold Move: A7 Transforms from Sportback to Sedan in Radical Redesign

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Audi's Bold Move
Audi's Bold Move

Audi is revamping its lineup with a strategy that includes name changes, model retirements, and a complete overhaul of a fan favorite.

The most surprising development is the dramatic redesign of the A7. Leaked images reveal a radical departure from the signature sportback design, opting for a traditional sedan silhouette.

This shift contradicts the upcoming transformation of the A4 Sedan into a Sportback, creating a more streamlined lineup. The all-new A7 Sedan appears to be the heir apparent to the current A6.

While boasting similar proportions, the redesigned A7 hints at potential handling and cargo space upgrades, positioning it as a strong successor to the A6.

Audi's Bold Move
Audi’s Bold Move (Audi)

Audi is prepping a significant update for the A7, giving it a sharper look and potentially a new electric platform.

The current car’s angular design is being swapped for a more modern aesthetic, with a focus on a wider grille, sleeker headlights, and a lower stance. These changes create a more streamlined profile, accentuated by a shorter hood.

While camouflage still conceals the rear, the look of new LED taillights hints at a design that stretches across the trunk, possibly connected by a light bar. Audi may also ditch the exhaust tip fakes seen on previous A6 models in favor of real exhaust outlets.

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