Tesla Faces Challenges: Cybertruck Vandalism and Model Y Sales Decline Amid Competition

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Tesla Faces Challenges
Tesla Faces Challenges

While Tesla has championed electric vehicles (EVs) as practical and desirable for everyday driving, the company continues to generate headlines for both positive and negative reasons.

Recently, vandals targeted dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks at a Florida service center, leaving a strong message for the automaker.

On the sales front, Tesla’s Model Y, once the top-selling vehicle in Europe, has plummeted to 18th place, casting doubt on its chances of becoming the world’s best-selling car this year.

Tesla Faces Challenges
Tesla Faces Challenges (Tesla)

This lackluster performance might accelerate the rumored “Juniper” refresh for the Model Y, potentially bringing it to market sooner than anticipated.

Occupying the spotlight in Tesla’s current fleet are the audacious Cybertruck, the recently updated Model 3, and the ever-reliable Model Y.

But the pioneering Model S, once a game-changer, seems to be fading. Though it retains its high-performance edge with the 1,020-horsepower Plaid variant, it faces mounting competition from challengers like the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT and the Lucid Air Sapphire.

Whispers abound that Tesla is on the brink of revealing a completely new Model S, built upon their enigmatic ‘NV9X’ platform, with rumors suggesting a debut at Giga Texas in 2025. In the absence of official details, creative minds like Avarvarii Automotive Artworks are conjuring up their visions of what the next iteration of the Model S might look like.

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