BMW G90 M5: Hybrid Power and High-Performance Sedan Revealed

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BMW G90 M5
BMW G90 M5

BMW revealed the G90 M5, the latest iteration of their high-performance sedan. Debuting just a year after the M5 F90 facelift, the G90 marks a significant departure from the original all-electric vision.

This shift stemmed from a combination of factors, including continued consumer preference for gasoline engines and limitations of current electric technology for performance driving.

The G90 also steers clear of downsizing trends, opting for a powerful V8 over a hybridized four-cylinder, likely due to the lackluster sales of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class with a similar drivetrain.

While the 5 Series received criticism for its uninspired design, the M5 boasts a menacing and muscular exterior, complete with a functional air intake design and staggered wheels.

The interior is luxurious and driver-focused, featuring a button layout with the beloved iDrive controller and an optional track-oriented augmented reality display.

BMW G90 M5
BMW G90 M5 (BMW)

The G90 follows the XM’s footsteps with a hybrid drivetrain, featuring a detuned V8 engine paired with a powerful electric motor.

This combination delivers impressive horsepower and torque figures, making the G90 M5 a compelling option for executives seeking both daily comfort and exhilarating performance.

Debuting as a plug-in hybrid, the legendary BMW M5 ushers in a new era with the G90. While it maintains neck-breaking acceleration, the G90’s hybrid tech comes at the cost of substantial weight gain, surpassing even hefty SUVs.

This newfound heft casts a shadow over the G90’s handling and performance, especially when compared to the lighter, V8-powered M5s that came before it.

Enthusiasts may find themselves yearning for the prior M5’s agility and in the absence of a hefty price tag the G90 starts at nearly $121,000 before considering destination fees.

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