2024 BMW M5: Powerful Hybrid with Customization Options and Luxury Upgrades

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2024 BMW M5
2024 BMW M5

Trading some agility for everyday practicality, the new M5 boasts a powerful hybrid drivetrain. This 717-horsepower machine delivers thrilling performance and quiet electric commutes with its 25-mile electric range. Pricier than its US counterpart, the M5 starts at £111,405 in the UK.

While customization options are limited for this top-of-the-line sedan, you can still personalize yours. Both UK and German markets offer exclusive paint colors, rims, leathers, and interior trims.

For a significant upgrade, consider the Ultimate Pack. This package brings luxury with Alcantara accents, heated seats, top-notch brakes, a carbon fiber exterior, a driver’s performance upgrade, and advanced driver-assistance features.

Interestingly, you can swap the standard carbon fiber roof for a panoramic glass roof at no additional cost. The tow bar, the final option, allows for towing up to 4,400 pounds, and while an extra charging cable is available, the standard one should meet most needs.

2024 BMW M5
2024 BMW M5 (BMW)

A fully loaded top-of-the-line BMW M5 can cost over $168,000 in the UK and $180,000 in Germany. This might seem high, but remember that European prices include VAT, a sales tax, unlike the US.

In the UK, VAT is 20%, while Germany sits at 19%. So, a six-figure car adds nearly $20,000 just from taxes. While some companies can offset this, most buyers pay it. And for those who want an even more unique M5, there’s a wide range of special paint colors available.

These include eye-catching options like Twilight Purple Pearl and Fireorange III Uni, making the M5 stand out. But if you prefer something a bit more subtle, Techno Violet, Liquid Copper, and Blue Bay Lagoon offer a touch of class that complements the M5’s power.

Don’t be swayed by online critics who might knock the car’s looks or BMW’s business decisions. The M5 is a proven success story, and the automaker isn’t likely to abandon it anytime soon.

If the hefty weight of the new M5 is a concern, wait for a potential lighter Competition or CS version. The current M5 F90 might not depreciate rapidly, but it will become more affordable as the new model gains traction.

After all, this car can go from exhilarating track laps to comfortable commutes, or even silent electric driving depending on the battery charge.


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