Nissan’s Future: 15 New Models by 2026, Including Redesigned Kicks, Infiniti QX80, and More

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Nissan’s Future
Nissan’s Future

Nissan is embarking on a significant product refresh, aiming to introduce 15 new vehicles between fiscal years 2024 and 2026.

This initiative has already seen the launch of the redesigned Kicks SUV and the all-new Infiniti QX80, with the Murano and Patrol/Armada SUVs slated for arrival later this year. These new models are part of Nissan’s strategy to update 60% of its gasoline-powered offerings.

However, some existing nameplates won’t be as fortunate. Despite speculation and creative online renderings, enthusiasts hoping for a ninth-generation gasoline-powered Maxima will be disappointed.

While a future Maxima with an electric powertrain like the Ariya and Leaf remains a possibility, the current iteration appears to be reaching its end.

Nissan’s Future
Nissan’s Future (jlord8 / Instagram)

Furthermore, the legendary GT-R is also being phased out, with special editions serving as a commemorative send-off for the American market. CGI artist jlord8, known for his automotive creations, has turned his talents to the Nissan GT-R.

Imagining a world where the iconic sports car gets a four-door variant, jlord8 has come up with the “Maxim GT-R.” Inspired by the latest R35 update, the design incorporates the Maxima’s signature grille, rear doors and a longer wheelbase.

Staying true to the GT-R’s sporty character, jlord8 equips the Maxim GT-R with dark alloy wheels, contrasting brakes, and a color-shifting paint job.

But if the Maxima-inspired GT-R isn’t quite your style, fear not. Brazilian CGI artist Lushka_design offers an alternative vision for a four-door GT-R, with a bolder design and a more spacious front door.

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