Alfa Romeo Stelvio: Bold Customization with Chrome Wheels and Party-Ready Interior

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Tuners push the limits of design in the field of automobile customization. From classic muscle cars to modern SUVs, there’s almost no limit to the aftermarket parts available.

However, the results can be subjective. Some opt for dramatic transformations, adding outlandish body kits and wheels that dwarf the car itself, often accompanied by equally bold interior modifications.

Others take a more subtle approach, preferring to enhance a car’s natural beauty. They might focus on a modest power upgrade, tasteful new wheels, and a touch of window tint for a touch of mystery.

This Alfa Romeo Stelvio falls firmly in the former camp. The owner of this once-sleek Italian crossover wasn’t content with blending in, and opted for a head-turning makeover.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Alfa Romeo Stelvio (Youtube | Ace1Whips)

This Alfa Romeo Stelvio underwent a dramatic transformation, ditching subtlety for a head-turning, albeit controversial, look.

The gigantic chrome wheels might grab attention, but they come at the expense of the Stelvio’s original athletic handling and smooth ride.

The interior follows suit with the owner’s bold vision. Diamond-stitched blue floor mats add a surprising touch, while a custom center console gadget holder hints at the driver’s tech-savvy personality. But the trunk is the real scene-stealer.

Packed with a custom speaker crate, this Stelvio is clearly built to be the party life, sacrificing practicality for pure entertainment. The upside? Most of these alterations are reversible, allowing the car to regain its original elegance.

While some changes might be more involved, a full restoration is definitely achievable. After all, let’s not forget this flashy makeover started with a premium vehicle. With a starting price close to $46,000, this Stelvio may boast a loud exterior now, but its current look undermines its inherent value.

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