Mansory’s Bold Cullinan: Luxury SUV with $700K Price Tag and Sporty Upgrades

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Mansory's Bold Cullinan
Mansory's Bold Cullinan

Forget the new Cullinan, tuners are still reworking the earlier model. Take Mansory’s latest, a flamboyant take on the luxury SUV.

The eye-catching paint job might be divisive, but the rest impresses. This opulent pink behemoth could convince deep-pocketed enthusiasts to break the bank it costs more than a nice home in most Western countries.

A new Mansory Cullinan emerges, this time with Rolls-Royce logos replacing the tuner’s usual headrests.

Mansory's Bold Cullinan
Mansory’s Bold Cullinan (Hollmann)

Wrapped in white leather with red-purple accents, it boasts the expected bespoke touches and a standard 562-hp V12.

Unlike the Black Badge, this engine remains stock. It sets itself apart with a remote-controlled exhaust and a lowered stance for a sportier feel.

Starting at nearly $400,000, a base 2024 Rolls-Royce Cullinan exudes luxury. But for those who crave exclusivity, this modified Cullinan pushes boundaries.

Its hefty price tag surpasses $700,000, a figure that might shock some. Yet, for those with the means and a desire to stand out, this Cullinan could be the ultimate showpiece.


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