BMW’s 2024 Lineup: New M3 Touring CS, Off-Road X5, and Enhanced M4 GT3 EVO

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BMW's 2024 Lineup
BMW's 2024 Lineup

BMW is shifting into high gear with a smorgasbord of new and invigorated models. Performance aficionados will be buzzing about the forthcoming M3 Touring CS, while the evergreen X5 gets a dirt-loving surprise for its silver anniversary a dedicated off-road package.

Luxury seekers won’t be left behind; the plush X3 gets a comprehensive refresh, boasting a sleeker design, eco-friendly mild hybrid powertrains, and a modestly adjusted price tag.

This trend continues throughout the lineup, with updates gracing the quirky 2 Series and a power surge for the mighty M2, bringing it on par with its M3 and M4 brethren.

Speaking of which, the M3 and M4 now sport distinctive LED lighting and a power bump for the Competition variant, pushing it to a staggering 523 horsepower. Craving an adrenaline rush on the track?

The new M4 GT3 EVO boasts a hefty price tag and unexpected dimensions, while the Alpina brand, now fully under BMW’s wing, injects even more muscle into the 3 Series and 4 Series Gran Coupe.

BMW's 2024 Lineup
BMW’s 2024 Lineup (a.c.g_design / Instagram)

The insatiable hunger for high-performance vehicles isn’t always satiated by official release schedules.

Some automotive designers, fueled by impatience rather than waiting for the next big reveal, are taking the wheel and sketching their interpretations of what these machines could be.

While car enthusiasts might be eagerly awaiting the arrival of upcoming models like the M5, virtual artist a.c.g_design isn’t content with just waiting. Instead, they’ve taken matters into their own hands, offering their vision for the next generation of the popular M3 and M4.

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