Liberty Walk’s Aggressive McLaren 720S Spider: Bold Aftermarket Transformation

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Liberty Walk's Aggressive McLaren 720S Spider
Liberty Walk's Aggressive McLaren 720S Spider

Although McLaren has sunset the 720S series with the introduction of the 750S, that hasn’t stopped bold aftermarket tuners like Liberty Walk from revisiting the iconic design.

Their latest project takes a 720S Spider and injects it with a serious dose of visual aggression. While we usually gravitate towards a more understated aesthetic in car modifications, Liberty Walk has undeniably forced us to reconsider.

The most impactful transformation is the dramatic widening achieved through the extensive use of bolt-on fender flares. This isn’t the only element contributing to the car’s imposing presence.

Liberty Walk's Aggressive McLaren 720S Spider
Liberty Walk’s Aggressive McLaren 720S Spider (Instagram | libertywalkkato)

The Japanese tuner has meticulously crafted a complete aerodynamic overhaul, including side skirt attachments, a prominent front splitter for enhanced downforce, a revised rear diffuser, and a sizeable wing to keep the car planted at high speeds.

They’ve even included a fresh take on the front hood, adding another layer of distinction to this already remarkable project. This Liberty Walk-modified McLaren 720S Spider guarantees a second look with its aggressive, blacked-out presence.

The contrasting brake calipers add a pop of color, further amplifying the car’s bold character. Liberty Walk’s signature style goes beyond aesthetics, though. This custom 720S Spider retains the mind-blowing performance of the original.

Under the hood lies the same monstrous 710 horsepower engine, capable of launching the car from 0 to 62 mph in a neck-snapping 2.9 seconds.

The lightweight construction and aerodynamic design, hallmarks of the stock McLaren, contribute to this exhilarating experience. The result? A transformed 720S Spider that’s both a feast for the eyes and an adrenaline-pumping machine on the road.


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