Cadillac Celestiq 2025: Ultra-Luxury Electric Sedan with Limitless Personalization

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Cadillac Celestiq 2025
Cadillac Celestiq 2025

Revealing the future of luxury electric driving, the Cadillac Celestiq redefines the sedan experience. This 88-second visual tour, titled “A Bespoke Journey,” showcases the limitless personalization options that craft Celestiq’s uniqueness.

Boasting the title of the world’s first all-electric ultra-luxury sedan, the Celestiq stuns in a head-turning Habanero paint job, hinting at the spectrum of colors available.

From a driver-centric interior boasting five high-definition interactive displays to a world-first four-zone climate control system, every detail caters to your desires.

For a seamless driving experience, the Celestiq integrates GM’s Super Cruise technology, offering hands-free driving on compatible roads.

Cadillac Celestiq 2025
Cadillac Celestiq 2025 (Cadillac | YouTube)

Advanced engineering, including Magnetic Ride Control suspension and active steering, ensures a comfortable and confident ride.

Cadillac is entering the ultra-luxury electric sedan market with the Celestiq, a hand-built marvel boasting impressive technology and performance.

The cabin features a sprawling 55-inch HD display for the driver and a 38-speaker AKG audio system for an immersive experience.

With two electric motors generating 600 horsepower, the Celestiq rockets from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds.

Despite these supercar-like stats, the Celestiq faces stiff competition from the Tesla Model S which offers more horsepower for a fraction of the price.

Production will be limited to around 150 units per year, starting this summer, with the first deliveries arriving in 2025.

Priced at $340,000, the Celestiq is the most expensive Cadillac ever and competes with established luxury brands in this segment.


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