Honda Ridgeline Recalls: Issues and Solutions

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Honda Ridgeline Recalls
Honda Ridgeline Recalls

Two separate recalls were issued by Honda for the Ridgeline’s rearview camera, addressing issues with the wiring harness connected to the tailgate.

The first recall, 22V-867, targeted 2017-2019 models and stemmed from complaints about the harness breaking due to repeated tailgate use.

Aptiv US LLC supplied the original harness, which was replaced with a more robust design featuring extended protective tubing.

This upgrade addressed another concern identified during the investigation – loose zip ties that failed to secure the tubing during tailgate operation. Honda received over 3,400 warranty claims related to this issue before the recall was announced.

Just recently, in May 2024, Honda addressed a similar problem in 2020-2024 Ridgelines with recall 24V-321. This time, the culprit was the wire itself, which lacked sufficient flexibility and strength.

Honda Ridgeline Recalls
Honda Ridgeline Recalls (Honda)

To rectify this, Honda switched suppliers and implemented a new, more durable yet adaptable wire for the harness. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated a probe (recall query 24011) after discovering significant variations in the repair parts used in two separate recalls (22V-867).

Although no rearview camera failures have been reported following the initial repair, the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) is compelled to investigate due to the discrepancy in parts. If a new recall is necessary, the NHTSA estimates that roughly 12,000 more trucks would require new harnesses compared to the original recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into complaints from owners who had the recall fix performed but continue to have issues. Their investigation aims to determine if the initial remedy adequately addressed the problem.

The Ridgeline occupies a unique space in the pickup truck market, being one of few unibody designs alongside the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

These trucks share platforms with SUVs, with the Ridgeline closely related to the Pilot and Passport models. While advertised for its fuel efficiency as a midsize truck, its 21 mpg rating falls short of the Ford Ranger’s 22 mpg, even with the Ranger’s four-wheel-drive option.

Despite this, the Ridgeline comes standard with all-wheel drive and a powerful V6 engine connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

While horsepower and torque figures are respectable, its towing and payload capacities are eclipsed by competitors.

Additionally, the Ridgeline’s starting price makes it a pricier option compared to rivals, especially considering the fuel-efficient and affordable Ford Maverick hybrid.

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