Ferrari F250: Successor to LaFerrari Revealed with Futuristic Design

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Ferrari F250
Ferrari F250

Ferrari is stirring the pot with news of a LaFerrari successor. To whet the appetites of their most valued customers, the Prancing Horse has been distributing cryptic red invitation boxes hinting at the upcoming revealing.

While the official name remains under wraps, whispers suggest the codename F250. This exciting new chapter draws inspiration from the pulse-pounding Vision Gran Turismo concept car revealed in late 2022.

Unlike the virtual world single-seat VGT, the F250 translates those aerodynamic curves into a real-world, two-seater machine that subtly echoes the aggressive lines of endurance racing prototypes.

This fusion of futuristic design and high-performance DNA promises to be a true collector’s dream. In a move that would redefine the boundaries of automotive power, the Italian manufacturer has digitally revealed the VGT, a concept car boasting an astounding 1,356 metric horsepower (1,337 horsepower).

This awe-inspiring figure eclipses even the previously mighty SF90 XX’s 1,016 horsepower. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the VGT exists solely in the digital world, free from the constraints of regulations for public road use.

Ferrari F250
Ferrari F250 (@ferraricollectoraus on Instagram)

For comparison, Ferrari’s current 3.0-liter engine in the 296 produces a respectable 663 horsepower, highlighting the vast leap in power the VGT represents.

While the VGT may not be gracing our roads anytime soon, it serves as a thrilling look into the potential future of high-performance automobiles.

Revving up for a 2025 debut, the Ferrari F250 appears poised to surpass the LaFerrari’s legacy.

A significant shift under the hood sees the character V12 swapped for a twin-turbo V6. This isn’t just about downsizing for emissions; the new layout allows Ferrari to position the engine lower in the chassis, improving handling dynamics.

Additionally, the V6 prioritizes low-end torque, a welcome characteristic for daily driving or spirited sprints. While the F250 might lack the intoxicating wail of its predecessor, its performance is expected to be ferocious.

Early whispers suggest a top speed exceeding 217 mph and a Fiorano lap time dipping below 1 minute 10 seconds.

Exclusivity is a hallmark of Ferrari’s special editions, and the F250 will be no exception. Production will be strictly limited, with only 599 hardtop berlinettas and a mere 199 open-top variants gracing the road.

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