Kia Borrego Concept: Modern Redesign for a Classic Favorite

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Kia Borrego Concept
Kia Borrego Concept

Kia’s cranking out new rides left and right, but what about bringing back an old favorite? You know, the Borrego (Mohave in other places)? There were whispers of a Mohave pickup being tested, but don’t hold your breath for a full-size competitor to those beefy American SUVs just yet.

That doesn’t mean we can’t dream, though! Check out Digimods Design’s YouTube channel for their take on a possible US Borrego.

They’ve imagined a total makeover, with fancy new headlights and a smaller grille up front. It keeps the aggressive vibe with a big central air intake and a revamped bumper.

Kia Borrego Concept
Kia Borrego Concept (Youtube / Digimods Design)

The back gets a modern refresh too, with taillights that connect and a new diffuser that hints at some extra power. Black trim around the bottom adds a touch of toughness, finishing off this bold new Borrego look.

Debuting a revamped look in South Korea, the Kia Mohave offers a more modern design. The redesigned rear and side profile prioritize passenger comfort with increased headroom and cargo space.

While the Korean market enjoys a 3.0-liter diesel engine, a potential North American Mohave would likely switch to gasoline for better market fit.

Although Kia hasn’t announced plans to bring back the Borrego to North America, its arrival would undoubtedly spark excitement among some buyers.

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