BMW’s 2025 Lineup: Manual Z4, Off-Road X5, and Fresh 2 Series Designs

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BMW's 2025 Lineup
BMW's 2025 Lineup

BMW has a smorgasbord of new offerings for 2025. The driver-focused enthusiast gets a treat with a six-speed manual transmission for the Z4 M40i, while the luxurious X5 celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special off-road edition.

Looking for something more compact? The new X3 boasts a bold design, while the updated 3 Series and 4 Series offer a refined driving experience.

Performance aficionados can quench their thirst with the M3 sedan, M4 coupe, and the all-new M4 CS variant.

Across the pond, the 2 Series gets a refresh with more power for the M2, a revamped interior, and a new infotainment system.

Meanwhile, European drivers can get their hands on the quirky new 1 Series, including the high-powered M135 hatchback.

BMW's 2025 Lineup
BMW’s 2025 Lineup (sugardesign_1 / Instagram)

Though American enthusiasts might miss out on the 1 Series, rumors suggest a new generation of the 2 Series Gran Coupe is on the horizon, sparking the imaginations of digital car designers.

Digital car designer Sugar Chow, known online as sugardesign_1, has taken inspiration from leaked photos to create CGI renderings of the possible next-generation 2 Series Gran Coupe.

This virtual take on the BMW’s upcoming car comes ahead of its expected fall debut. Unlike the usual mid-cycle refresh, BMW seems to be fast-tracking the release of the F74 generation, positioning it as a more budget-friendly alternative to the 3 Series.

While these renderings are impressive and highly realistic, it’s important to remember they are unofficial.

To avoid disappointment, car enthusiasts should wait for the official reveal from BMW before getting too attached to Sugar Chow’s vision.

In the meantime, the current 2 Series Gran Coupe remains available, starting at $38,400 for those who don’t want to wait.

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