Toyota 4Runner’s Timeless Appeal: Outpacing Rivals and Setting Sales Records in 2024

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Toyota 4Runner's Timeless Appeal
Toyota 4Runner's Timeless Appeal

Defying early predictions of a slowdown, the US auto industry delivered a mixed performance in the first half of 2024.

Certain manufacturers, like Stellantis, experienced a significant drop in deliveries, highlighting ongoing supply chain challenges for some.

However, the broader market demonstrated resilience, with consumer demand remaining steady.

General Motors, the current leader, managed to retain its crown but faced a slight sales decline compared to the first half of 2023.

Meanwhile, Toyota is emerging as a serious contender. Their first-half sales figures show an impressive 14.3% increase, significantly narrowing the gap between them and GM to just over 100,000 vehicles.

This intensifying competition is poised to escalate further in the coming months as Toyota launches many new vehicles.

Toyota 4Runner's Timeless Appeal
Toyota 4Runner’s Timeless Appeal (abimelecdesign / Instagram)

A centerpiece of this strategy is the highly anticipated all-new, sixth-generation 4Runner, a family-friendly mid-size SUV designed to directly compete with off-road icons like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco.

While the new 4Runner hasn’t arrived in dealerships yet, the outgoing generation, still on the market, continues to contribute to Toyota’s impressive sales momentum.

This ongoing success with the current model bodes well for the upcoming release and underscores the potential impact Toyota’s new offerings could have on the market.

Despite being a relic of a bygone era, clocking in at over fifteen years old, the N280 Toyota 4Runner continues to dominate sales charts.

It outsold all other Toyota SUVs except the ubiquitous RAV4 and even saw a significant sales increase compared to the first half of 2023.

This longevity defies expectations and speaks volumes about the unwavering appeal of this off-road champion.

But even for these jaded creators, the enduring popularity of the N280 Toyota 4Runner is a source of fascination.

Abimelec Arellano, a virtual artist known online as abimelecdesign, decided to pay homage to this unconventional success story with a radical reimagining. His creation? A street-racing-focused 4Runner that would leave traditional fans scratching their heads.

Playfully nicknamed “4Ruinned,” this project caters to a specific audience: Toyota enthusiasts who’ve ever dreamt of defying expectations and transforming their beloved 4Runner into a fire-breathing street machine.

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