2024 Ford Mustang GTD: 800-HP Supercar Challenges Chevy Corvette ZR1 for Dominance

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2024 Ford Mustang GTD
2024 Ford Mustang GTD

The 2024 Mustang shook things up with the all-new S650, a complete overhaul from previous generations.

While traditionalists might find comfort in the persistence of the EcoBoost and V8 options, these familiar engines now pack a bigger punch, delivering 315 hp and 486 hp respectively.

This comes at a price, though, as both variants have seen a bump in cost compared to their S550 counterparts. Beyond the staple engines, the 2024 Mustang marks a turning point for Ford.

The brand is revving its engine and venturing beyond the pony and muscle car arenas, setting its sights of high-performance sports cars. This strategic shift is evident in their growing motorsport presence, including participation in endurance racing with the new Mustang GT3.

And last summer, Ford revealed a real game-changer: the GTD, a street-legal version of the GT3 racer. This supercharged V8 beast, boasting a staggering 800 horsepower, is a true collector’s dream, with a price tag exceeding $325,000 in the US and a hefty $560,000 in some European markets.

2024 Ford Mustang GTD
2024 Ford Mustang GTD (Ford)

Despite generating controversy with its cockpit design at the recent 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD has turned heads with its stunning exterior, particularly the Carbon Series with the Performance package.

But for some car lovers, even the most outrageous factory designs can’t compete with a touch of classic minimalism. Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem, known online as the_kyza, steps in to offer his vision of two bespoke GTD options.

Saleem’s first concept sheds most traces of color, opting for a clean white exterior accented with sharp black aerodynamic elements.

The second rendition takes minimalism a step further, removing the signature swan-neck wing entirely. This ultra-stealthy design bathes the car in black, save for the glint of the chrome wheels.

Gearheads, prepare for an epic American showdown this fall. The GTD throws down the gauntlet with a monstrous 800 horsepower courtesy of its unique front-mounted V8 engine paired with a rear-mounted transaxle.

However, the gloves are about to come off on July 25th when the wraps are pulled off the 2025 Chevy Corvette ZR1. Rumors suggest this challenger will be packing a twin-turbocharged Z06 engine, promising a battle for supercar dominance.

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