BMW’s Neue Klasse Coupe Redefines Electric Vehicles with Revolutionary Wheel Hub Motors and Radical Design

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BMW's Neue Klasse Coupe Redefines Electric Vehicles
BMW's Neue Klasse Coupe Redefines Electric Vehicles

Sparking excitement for the upcoming Neue Klasse electric vehicle lineup, BMW was recently caught testing a groundbreaking electric coupe prototype.

This unexpected addition to the lineup features a radical design that departs from the previously showcased Neue Klasse concepts, with a high rear end contrasting the lower front profile for a dramatic stance.

But the most fascinating feature lies beneath the sleek exterior. In a significant leap forward for BMW’s electric vehicle technology, the prototype incorporates wheel hub motors on all four wheels, replacing the conventional electric motor and axle layout.

This pioneering approach not only offers a look into the future of the Neue Klasse but also ignites speculation about a potential high-performance electric coupe on the horizon from the German automaker.

While the Neue Klasse rollout is slated to begin in 2025 with the iX3 electric SUV, this surprise test vehicle hints at a potential expansion of the lineup beyond the initial offerings.

BMW's Neue Klasse Coupe Redefines Electric Vehicles
BMW’s Neue Klasse Coupe Redefines Electric Vehicles (BMW)

The prototype’s aggressive design language and advanced technology suggest a possible performance-oriented electric coupe nestled within the Neue Klasse family.

This unexpected development injects a dose of excitement into the electric vehicle, showcasing BMW’s commitment to pushing boundaries in both design and technology.

The future of electric driving seems poised for a thrilling makeover, and this surprise test vehicle is a powerful testament to that. A recent leak of a BMW coupe prototype has sent ripples of excitement through the car world, offering a look at a potential electric vehicle (EV) that breaks the mold.

The most eye-catching difference from standard EVs is the complete absence of brake calipers on the prototype. This design choice hints at the use of wheel hub motors, a technology with the potential to revolutionize the way electric vehicles perform.

While previous attempts at implementing hub motors, like those by Lordstown Motors in their electric pickup, haven’t gained traction, BMW is taking a different approach.

The German carmaker has partnered with the established automotive giant Continental and the innovative startup DeepDrive to develop and integrate DeepDrive’s cutting-edge wheel hub motor design.

This collaboration underscores BMW’s dedication to pioneering advancements in EV technology. DeepDrive’s hub motor boasts a unique dual-rotor, radial-flux design that offers flexibility for both central drive units and individual wheel hub applications in EVs.

Additionally, the ingenious design integrates Continental’s braking technology, creating a self-contained drive-brake module. DeepDrive claims its design offers significant efficiency improvements, potentially enabling electric vehicles to achieve a driving range exceeding 500 miles (800 kilometers) on a single charge.

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