Land Rover’s Electric Revolution: Testing Defender OCTA and Range Rover EV

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Land Rover's Electric Revolution
Land Rover's Electric Revolution

Renowned for its robust all-wheel-drive SUVs, Land Rover isn’t resting on its laurels. Their diverse US lineup boasts nine models, ranging from the affordable Discovery Sport to the luxurious Range Rover.

This doesn’t stop them from pushing boundaries. Land Rover is currently testing the Defender OCTA, hinting at a potential 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed debut.

Additionally, the highly-anticipated Range Rover Electric is nearing its release. Pre-orders began last year, and the car has been seen undisguised during testing.

Land Rover's Electric Revolution
Land Rover’s Electric Revolution (vburlapp / Instagram)

While unofficial renderings abound, the final design remains shrouded in some mystery. In the industry of designing digital cars, creators like Vince Burlapp (“vburlapp” online) push the boundaries of reality.

Burlapp isn’t satisfied with just slapping electric badges on existing models. He takes inspiration from upcoming releases, like the Cadillac Escalade IQ, a unique electric SUV.

Recognizing a growing market for luxury electric SUVs, Burlapp has envisioned a distinct look for the upcoming Range Rover EV, expected to debut later this year. His changes are subtle yet effective.

The profile is sleeker, with contrasting black cladding and a redesigned front fender. The rear features a prominent LED light bar, although it appears Burlapp accidentally omitted the red coloring in this rendering.

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