Cadillac Celestiq: A $340,000 All-Electric Sedan Redefining Luxury and Paving the Way for Cadillac’s Future Electric Vehicle Lineup

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Cadillac Celestiq
Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac is ditching the stereotype of gas-guzzling land yachts. Their latest ad campaign spotlights the Celestiq, a head-turning all-electric sedan, aiming to redefine luxury large cars in the EV age.

While the $340,000 price tag might have some daydreaming about a fleet of Teslas instead, the Celestiq’s significance might lie beyond sales figures. It could be a strategic play to generate buzz for Cadillac’s entire electric vehicle portfolio.

Those fascinated by the Celestiq’s luxurious allure might discover more practical options within the Cadillac family. The base 2025 Optiq, for instance, offers all-wheel drive, advanced driver assistance features, and a solid 300-mile range at a more accessible price point.

This strategic placement of the Celestiq positions Cadillac not just as a purveyor of extravagant electric vehicles, but as a brand with a range of choices for the discerning EV driver. Remember, the Celestiq isn’t the only electric Cadillac on the horizon.

Cadillac Celestiq
Cadillac Celestiq (Cadillac)

The Lyriq mid-size crossover SUV has already established itself as a strong contender, and the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ, the electric version of the popular full-size luxury SUV, is poised to join the party.

Further down the line, the 2026 Vistiq promises a practical and spacious three-row all-electric option, solidifying Cadillac’s commitment to a diverse and electrified future.
Cadillac’s forthcoming electric SUV, the Vistiq, has captured attention for its potential as a commodious family vehicle with three rows of seating.

However, the initial look hints at a design that closely resembles the larger Escalade IQ. With specifics regarding performance and pricing still forthcoming, Vistiq’s aesthetic has ignited the creativity of digital car designer Vince Burlapp.

Underwhelmed by the perceived lack of innovation in the official design, Burlapp has taken the initiative to craft an alternative vision for Vistiq.

Burlapp, a prolific digital artist known for his reimaginings of contemporary cars, believes the 2026 Vistiq deserves a more daring design language. This belief has fueled his digital exploration of the design possibilities inherent in a large, electric three-row SUV.


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