December 4, 2020

BMW Develops New Model Electric Vehicles With 300 Plus Mile Range, Big Kidney Grille

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BMW iX Specification and Features

BMW iX Still

BMW  has finally announced its electric SUV segment which has been kept under the blanket for a quite long period of time. German automobile manufacturing company has put an end to the leaks by officially announcing about their core eclectic products. BMW has already announced that they are working on developing electric vehicles by inaugurating research and development programs.  The European company has already provided a glimpse of information about this model SUV vehicle through their BMW iNext concept which happened earlier. It’s clear that the company has developed new model SUV vehicles that get power through the electric motors placed inside the vehicle.

Two electric motors placed inside the electric vehicle give an idea of the companies new era of powertrain commercial vehicles. BMW has entered its production by developing fifth-generation “Drive”  commercial vehicles. Even though the automobile manufacturing company hasn’t announced anything about the internal battery specification, it has provided a glimpse of information over the mile range of the vehicle. BMW has made clear that they are eyeing the 300-mile range on a single charge. Even though many companies have produced higher mile range commercial vehicles, they haven’t entered the SUV model vehicles. The electric motors placed inside the vehicle are capable of delivering  500 horsepower.

BMW iX Specification

BMW claims that their new model electric SUV vehicles can reach 0-60 in just 4 seconds. 200 kilowatts charging capacity is included in the commercial vehicle through their onboard DC fast charging. The battery of the vehicle gets charged while driving for 10 minutes which extends another 75-mile range. Vertical kidney grilles placed in the front portion of the commercial vehicle gives a clear image of the company’s approach to distinguish their upcoming model electric vehicles from their traditional petrol engines. The company has already revealed the front appearance of the vehicle through multiple auto shows which happened worldwide. Kidney shaped grille which is placed in the front portion of the vehicle holds some of the important advanced technologies. The grille design comes with multiple cameras, sensors for gathering information about the surroundings.

The interior of the vehicle looks different from the normal model petrol engine SUV, it’s clear that BMW has opted to use a different approach in its electric model vehicles. The material used for the interior of the vehicle opted by the automobile manufacturing company gives a clear idea over comfort. Interior of the vehicle assures to match for their Flagship model. This new model electric vehicle from BMW comes with 5G technology which gets faster internet response than their previous model vehicles. Computing power onboard placed inside the vehicle manages to perform some of the important options. BMW has already announced their future plans to experiment with future self-driving technologies in their upcoming eclectic vehicles.

BMW iX Key Specification
BMW iX Image

BMW has been analysing the engineering trends and new digital products that could be incorporated in their new model automobile vehicles. By including those advanced digital features in their vehicles, might help the company in reducing the vehicle’s weight to a considerable extent. BMW iX is expected to make its entry during the mid of 2022 and will be starting the production later in 2021. It looks the car might undergo many testing and development before making it available for the public.

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