December 3, 2020

2022 Ariya SUV: 87.0-kWh pack Offers 300 Mile Range – Release Date and Specifications

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2022 Ariya SUV Specification and Features

2022 Ariya SUV Image

Nissan is continuously upgrading its new line of electric vehicles in the last couple of years. It looks like the company is planning to experiment with their new model electric motors making it more prominent than their petrol combustion engines. From its first model of electric vehicle that the company developed to test its electric motor to the 2022 Ariya SUV, the company has achieved a great market space. Nissan claims that its new model electric vehicle could able to reach 300 miles in a single charge. This model is an enhanced version of the electric vehicle from its previous model electric model which was assured to provide 226 miles on a single charge. 2022 Ariya SUV gives a clear idea over the company’s future new range of vehicles that will be joining their new line of electric vehicles.

Nissan has developed two new model variant vehicles which differ with the battery capacity. The 63.0-kWh battery is a standard battery option that is developed to provide ultimate comfort and comes under the economical version of the electric vehicle. Another model of the electric vehicle from Nissan comes with the larger 87.0-kWh pack which is an optional model for providing high mile range on a single charge. This new model automobile vehicle from Nissan comes with multiple advanced digital features like a host of driver-assistance. This feature helps the driver to get a bit relaxed by providing information like road condition, temperature, and nature of the drive. Other than this, the vehicle also comes with a perfectly designed infotainment system which provides information through the data received by the sensors placed all around the vehicle.

2022 Ariya SUV Specification

It looks like Nissan has planned to launch this model electric vehicle in the global market to provide competition against stable vehicles like Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Kona Electric. Many automobile manufacturing companies have been eyeing Tesla for stabilizing their products. Tesla is one of the early company which has successfully launched its cars in the American and European market. The company also proved its quality by upgrading the vehicle to meet the challenges. Nissan being a giant in petrol engine manufacturing has recently entered the electric motor business to transform its manufacturing process by including electric motor instead of using traditional combustible engines.

2022 Ariya SUV features Nissan’s new semi-autonomous driving system. This is an Artificial Intelligence application that provides information for the vehicle to operate without any manual operations. Even though the manufacturing company claims that this is semi-autonomous, it comes with the majority of the fully developed options. It’s estimated that the vehicle could able to reach 0 to 60 in just 6 seconds. It’s clear that this model electric vehicle developed by Nissan comes with the higher range electric vehicle option for delivering high performance while driving. Its expected that the 2022 Ariya SUV will be available during the mid of 2022 and the production of the vehicle is expected to be started during the mid of 2021.

2022 Ariya SUV
2022 Ariya SUV Image

2022 Ariya SUV Feature

The Arya model electric vehicle comes with 110- or 240-volt outlets for charging options. The vehicle can be charged in the public charging stations or else through  DC fast-charging ports. The dual 12.3-inch infotainment system is provided with the interior of the electric model vehicle. Among the two infotainment systems, one display serves as a digital gauge cluster. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the two interface connecting technology that’s used in the device which can be controlled through the infotainment system placed in the vehicle. The vehicle comes with plenty of safety features which include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) along with that the vehicle also comes with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Plenty of driver-assistance features are included for providing absolute comfort for its passengers during the journey.


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