January 21, 2021

2020 Ford Puma ST-Line X Vignale: Here Are The Top Features

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The Ford hatchback, Puma ST-Line X Vignale, is design-wise a mini SUV with having a similar shape, but it’s not an SUV. It’s more like a day to day driving car, which has good features and fuel efficiency to give a reliable experience in cities. There are various models of Ford Puma ST-line X Vignale is the top of the line version which have all maxed out feature which can be possible for a car of this genera.

Let’s talk about design. Firstly I have a sporty look with a big grill on the front with headlights which are slightly up towards the bonnet, which gives a unique style. Side curves and lines make it more elegant and help in smooth driving and turns. It comes with 18inch alloy rims, which are good for this sized car. The additional features include fog lamps and parking sensors all around it. The visibility from the windscreen is good, and the bonnet is not too high up to make it hard to drive.

Ford Puma ST- line X Vignale is 153hp with six gear automatic gearbox. It can go from 0-60 in 9.1 secs, which is pretty well. The luggage capacity of it is about 656L. It comes with 18inch alloy rims, and you can buy this version of the car for about  £20,710. And the performance material handling and equipment justify this price. The cabin is full of the latest tech and very appealing. The driving experience is also outstanding, as it has one paddle drive system, which allows the driver to drive on one foot, and the breaks are applied automatically when you release the speed paddle.

The interior of the Ford puma is graceful with some quality components. The starring wheel and gearbox have extra stitching in the ST-line X Vignale version to make it more beautiful. There is a digital speedometer, which is designed well to give vision in the daytime. Moving on to the infotainment screen, which is 8inchs of the led screen having all media control, music, videos, and navigation, etc., can be controlled from there. The climate control is available under the screen panel. The overall quality of all these products is good while some of the parts are made up of plastic, which is alright for cars like this.

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As per safety, Airbags are given in front seats and, of course, seatbelts. The braking system is all right, which can give reliability. Comfort-wise the front two seats are heated and are made of leather. The legroom and headroom are fine. In the back seat, 2 adults and 1 child can fit easily for long drives, but 3 adults will not be comfortable for a long drive. There are panoramic sunroofs in front and back, which is a good touch and makes it a future-proof car. Additionally, it has wireless charging available and cup holders. The luggage capacity is also good, the back door opens automatically with a push of a button, and by folding back two seats, it can fit big items too. It is a good family car and also good for cities.

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