Cadillac Celestiq’s New Look Is Out!

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The American luxury brand Cadillac has revealed a few more teaser looks of the Celestiq. Though, the official release of Cadillac Celestiq is set for July 22. In the latest photos, Cadillac Celestiq’s new look is revealed. It has a sloppy rear end with a fastback shape. Recently, Cadillac has been launching teasers to show their all-new car. Moreover, Celestia will be an all-electric sedan. This new premium car will release at an expected price of a whopping $300,000. Therefore, it will compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley.

From all the latest teasers we are sure that this car will change the market for Cadillac. It will be an ultra-premium electric car with all the high-tech features and luxury on offer. Earlier, when Cadillac came out with the teaser of the front look, it was seen that this EV will come with a premium-looking grille and mighty-looking Headlamps. Cadillac is regularly teasing us with new photos every time. Also, these photos are the last set of teasers as the launch is ready for the upcoming week. Let’s dig a bit deep into the details of Cadillac Celestiq.

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Cadillac Celestiq's new look
CC: Cadillac

Cadillac Celestiq’s new look and the previously released photos

Earlier, Cadillac displayed the front end and the top view of Celestiq. Recently, they launched a glimpse of interiors and the rear. With all the collective teasers, one thing is clear Cadillac is coming up with a mind-blowing vehicle. The interior picture shows a luxury red cabin and premium upholstery leather on the seats. Also, It has got power seat controls mounted on the door. An elegant armrest with storage and controls is centered at the rear. With all the glimpses at the interior, we can assume that this car will provide full luxury and comfort to its passenger. The front exterior looks to showcase a LED lit front grille with vertical LED lights. The face of the Celestiq looks aggressive and has an eye-catching front.

CC: Cadillac

What are the features of the new Celestiq?

First of all, this is a luxury sedan with an electric engine. It comes with an all-wheel-drive powertrain. And it is rumored that it will come with a 300-mile driving range. From the released images we can see that the new EV will be a technology-infused vehicle.

This car has glass roof panels and a sloppy rear. It will get a huge infotainment system as seen in the teaser images. Also, there will be a touchscreen glass panel wrapped all over the dashboard. The interiors will get a lot of space and room for the passengers to enjoy the luxury with ease. Additionally, Cadillac has taken good care of the rear passengers. They have provided displays at the rear as well. With bucket seats in the cabin, the comfort level of the driver and passengers will be amazing. Though, not much official information is released by the company yet. Hence, we all are waiting for the launch on July 22.

Cadillac Celestiq's new look
CC: Cadillac

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We are looking forward to cover a report on the launch of the new Cadillac Celestiq. Everyone is more excited after the launch of the final photos. Cadillac will finally launch this premium EV on July 22.


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