January 21, 2021

2021 Fiat 500e Hatchback Defines its Italian Origin

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As the name suggests, the Fait 500e is an Italian electric car that is eco-friendly and still has almost all the features of a petrol car. This car is fully electric, having two-door but there are four seats to access the back seat, you have to fold the front seats. It has an electric motor and batteries that add up the essential weight and maintain the downforce for grip and handling.

The price starts at £22,000, and it varies as you add more features to the car. It has a battery of 42kWh, and it can provide a torque of 220Nm. It has two doors and 18 inches of wheels, which are good for city driving. It has a front-wheel drive and also a single-speed automatic variant. It can sprint 0-100 in 9.0 seconds, which is good for an electric car. This power can be utilized while overtaking on the highway.


The visual aesthetics of this car are simple as an electric car should be. The front lights are the main attraction, having a unique classic style. In the middle of these lights, the logo of 500 is present along with a front bumper grill to provide cooling for the batteries. Also, it doesn’t leave the front empty and out of personality. The indicators are present on the sides, which are a standard element in Fiat cars. The company has given its electric car, a unique Italian makeover. The backside of the car is minimal and simple. Overall, the build of the car looks good and gives a sufficient match to the competitors.

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The doors have buttons on both sides by which it can be opened. The keys are to be placed on the rear panel to start the car. These little additions make the car special and make it worth buying. The interior of the car is neat and has a cool design on it. There are leathery textures on the dashboard, which is an additional component, and you have to pay for it. The texture is not made of real leather inside; it has some rubbery material, and the driving seat is also eco-friendly.

Tech-wise, this car is alright too. It has an infotainment screen which is high quality, and everything runs smoothly. It has all the media control, climate control, and satellite nav along with the various features. A parking camera is also there, which helps park without worrying about the blind spots. The steering wheel is light, making it easy to turn, and its small body size makes it a very active car. It can make quick turns with a smooth grip. The visibility from the back mirror is also good.

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It has a trunk capacity of 300 or more, which is enough for three suitcases. This car is a good family car which can be used in the city and also for some highway driving. It is not an under power car. It does fine in overtaking, and pickup is also good. The company claims that it can cover 30 miles with 5 min charge, which is good for city driving, and it also has one pedal drive saving power. One pedal mode makes it easy to drive in the city.

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