5 Best Junkyards That Are Supercool

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Have you heard of any car junkyard being cool? No, right? But yeah, we have some cool junkyards on this planet. Every car enthusiasts love car junkyards. People get the best of cars from these junkyards. It is said that sometimes the rarest cars are also there as scrap. Most people purchase these cars from junkyards at very low prices and turn them into masterpieces. Mostly restoration and modification guys reach out to the junkyards for the spare materials and missing body parts. Nowadays, the number of good junkyards is just reducing. Thus, finding some cool and rare automobiles or parts of the vehicles is getting hard.

We have created a list of some of the best junkyards available. It was hard to find these junkyards, but we have made it easy for you to have a look at them and visit them if you can.

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5. Colorado Junkyard Selling Off Collection

This junkyard is super cool and famous because you can learn a lot about Colorado auto and Parts here. Colorado Junkyard was opened in 1959. Gary and Alice Corns own this junkyard. These two car enthusiasts had put restrictions on many old and vintage cars. They restricted people from using these cars to preserve their originality. You will find a lot of muscle cars in this junkyard. Therefore, it is full of the best muscle car, Mustang.

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4. Michigan Junkyard

It is located in the heart of Detroit. All car enthusiasts may know that Detroit is the land of cars, and the most amazing classic cars will be found here. The Michigan Junkyard is full of cool cars. It includes various limited edition cars as well—examples, a four-door Pontiac Catalina, Mustang SportsRoof, and more. The most interesting part is that in this junkyard, few cars are on top of buses. For Example, a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang and 1970 Chevelle are on the top of a bus. Well, this junkyard is also full of Mustangs. No doubt, it was the best car of that era. Michigan Junkyard is also known as Buried muscle car treasure.

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3. Browne Auto Salvage

The next amazing car junkyard is the Browne Auto Salvage. It is located in the village of Sunset, Texas. This junkyard is spread over 38 acres of land. This land is filled with valuable automotive parts and many antique cars and buses. The condition of the cars presents here is not so bad. You can also get some really good quality cars.

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2. Mopar Graveyard

This land of cars is located in the hills of North Carolina. Mopar Graveyard is a heaven for car lovers. Located in the Carolina hills, it is far from the touch of the crowd. One more junkyard filled with muscle cars and, of course, antiques. You can find many Challengers, Mustangs, and even Road Runners. You can even find a NASCAR legendary car here. 1965 Barracuda was the NASCAR and drag race car. It is also being rusted in this junkyard.

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1. Stephen’s Performance

This 58-acre land is filled with a lot of classic cars. Stephen’s performance is located in Anderson, Alabama. Also, it is the largest yard for Mopar. Stephens started this yard in 1975. You can find many classics and vintage cars in this junkyard. Though, a good number of Challengers are available here.

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These were some of the best and super cool junkyards in the United States. Although, if you live nearby any of the above junkyards, visit them. You can find some of the rear and classic cars at a price of scrap.


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