Vintage Muscle Power: Dodge Challenger T/A & Impressive Customizations

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Vintage Muscle Power Dodge Challenger TA & Impressive Customizations

If you’re seeking an early model first-generation Dodge Challenger and the cost isn’t a concern, we’ve uncovered a rare gem for your consideration: the 1970 Hemi Orange Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack.

While the first-generation Dodge Challenger may not have matched its rivals dynamically, its commanding presence and sheer power compensated for any shortcomings. Choosing between a Challenger T/A and a Boss 302 Mustang often reflected a clash of philosophies.

Today, comparisons of vintage muscle cars have evolved, with each model boasting its unique appeal. For enthusiasts eyeing a first-gen Challenger, early model years such as 1970 or 1971 offer the greatest variety in specifications.

Vintage Muscle Power Dodge Challenger TA & Impressive Customizations

Among the most coveted variants is the Challenger T/A, designed for Dodge’s entry into the Trans American Sedan Championship. Powered by a 340 ci V8 engine with three two-barrel carburetors, known as the 340 Six Pack, these models offered 290 horsepower, edging out the original 340 engine.

Noteworthy features included a matte black fiberglass hood with a large air scoop, dual-outlet exhaust system, special Rallye suspension, distinctive side stripes, a fiberglass ducktail spoiler, and more. Notably, the Challenger T/A was one of the first muscle cars to feature different-sized tires at the front and rear.

Presented here is one of only 2,399 units produced by Dodge, featuring an EV2 Hemi Orange exterior and a dark interior with bucket seats.

This numbers-matching vehicle pairs the 340 engine with a period-correct 727 automatic gearbox and Sure Grip Rear End featuring 3.55 gears. Available for $119,550, this Challenger T/A promises an exceptional ownership experience if its performance matches its striking appearance.


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