1964 1/2 Mustang: Unveiling Rarity & Restoration Challenges

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1964 12 Mustang Unveiling Rarity & Restoration Challenges

The first Mustang, often referred to as the 1964 1/2 Mustang, had a variety of engines to accommodate a wide spectrum of customers.

One of them was a little 170 six-cylinder engine designed for people who choose fuel economy above raw power. With 105 horsepower, this engine was more suited for people who preferred economical driving than loud, thrilling motor noises.

However, Ford also provided multiple V8 options, commencing with the 1964-exclusive 260 boasting 164 horsepower. The Mustang could be equipped with various iterations of the 289, including 2-barrel and 4-barrel configurations.

The pièce de résistance of the Mustang lineup was the 289 four-barrel HiPo featured in K-code models. The K-code, introduced in the Mustang from the 1964 1/2 to the 1967 model, made its debut in Ford’s lineup in 1963 on the Comet and Fairlane.

1964 12 Mustang Unveiling Rarity & Restoration Challenges

It was incorporated into the Mustang series in 1964 specifically to offer customers enhanced performance. Ford believed the 289 HiPo would entice racing enthusiasts, establishing the Mustang as the quintessential vehicle for all.

eBay seller Novasetc claims their convertible is among a mere 317 K-code Mustangs produced for the 1964 1/2 model years. However, the engine and transmission no longer adhere to the original specifications, and it remains uncertain if the 289 operates smoothly and reliably.

Recently retrieved from prolonged storage, the car exhibits typical issues, including rust damage in expected areas. For instance, the owner notes the necessity for new floor panels and outer lower quarters, although the trunk remains structurally sound. Original front disc brakes are intact, and “the rear end seems to be original.”

The correct information on the trim tag cannot be found, as the driver’s door has been replaced and is now accompanied by an alternative trim tag. While restoration of this K-code Mustang convertible is undoubtedly warranted, reinstating it to its original configuration poses a formidable challenge.

While a 289 HiPo engine is an enticing prospect for any Mustang enthusiast, the absence of the original drivetrain may dissuade some buyers. Nonetheless, it’s improbable that many aficionados would walk away, given the rarity of a K-code Mustang from the inaugural production run.

Bidding for this convertible is currently underway, with the highest bid already reaching $8,600. The seller has not set a reserve, indicating that the highest bidder will secure the vehicle.

With 24 bids received in recent days, the digital auction will conclude in approximately one day. Final offers are anticipated to drive the price closer to $10,000 in the auction’s final moments. For those interested in viewing the car in person, time is of the essence, with the vehicle located in Carlisle, Iowa.

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