Rare Find: 1965 GT350 Barn Find Emerges as Classic Icon

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Rare Find 1965 GT350 Barn Find Emerges as Classic Icon

With nearly three million units produced, the first-generation Ford Mustang stands as the most prevalent iteration of the iconic nameplate. However, due to its sheer abundance, the first-gen Mustang often emerges as a common find in barns and junkyards.

While most Mustangs uncovered in such settings are typically mundane, a slew of rare specimens has surfaced from long-term storage in recent years. Notably, these discoveries extend beyond Cobra Jet or Boss models; enthusiasts have stumbled upon Shelby cars, significantly rarer than their standard Mustang counterparts.

Rare Find 1965 GT350 Barn Find Emerges as Classic Icon

One remarkable discovery unfolded in late 2021 when the team at “American Mustangs” rescued a 1965 GT350 from decades of abandonment in a derelict house. This particular find, a first-year Shelby and the rarest classic GT350 variant garnered attention.

Carroll Shelby and Ford collaborated to produce only 572 units, a figure inclusive of various prototypes and race-spec models. Excluding these, a mere 514 street production models were manufactured.

Remarkably, the barn-find Shelby, an early iteration featuring a truck-mounted battery and an odometer displaying a mere 29,000 miles (46,671 km), remained in surprisingly good condition despite its extended period of neglect.

More than two years have passed since its retrieval, and the rare 1965 GT350 is not only intact but operational. While restoration efforts have yet to commence, the Mustang is running and driving, and it recently made an appearance at The Amelia Concours d’Elegance 2024.

Notably, this event primarily celebrates beautifully restored classics but also features a segment dedicated to barn-find vehicles.

Although the GT350 appears significantly cleaner than when it was extricated from its abandoned abode, the original paint remains untouched, retaining its patina. With minor surface rust on various body panels, the Wimbledon White paint displays cracks in numerous areas, yet the Mustang retains its allure as an unrestored survivor.

Whether this GT350 will undergo a comprehensive restoration remains uncertain. Nonetheless, given the vehicle’s solid body and frame beneath its weathered exterior, there’s merit in showcasing it in its current state for the foreseeable future.

This Shelby remains a cherished classic; restored and original examples have commanded hefty prices ranging from $300,000 to $950,000 in recent auctions. As a low-mileage, unrestored gem, this GT350 would undoubtedly fetch a handsome sum, likely exceeding $500,000 in today’s market.


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