Rare Find: Legendary 1972 Dodge Polara CHP for Sale

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Rare Find Legendary 1972 Dodge Polara CHP for Sale

In the annals of automotive history, 1972 stands as a pivotal year for muscle car enthusiasts, marked by the dawn of the Malaise era and the decline of American motoring’s horsepower heyday.

As automakers phased out their high-performance models, a notable exception emerged with Dodge fulfilling a substantial fleet order for 1,100 cars from a California state agency.

Among these vehicles was the iconic 1972 Dodge Polara CHP (California Highway Patrol), a rare gem distinguished by its two-tone livery and heavy-duty equipment tailored for relentless duty under the California sun.

Surviving examples of this model are now prized possessions, revered by enthusiasts and former law enforcement officers alike for their legendary performance and storied history on the open road.

Rare Find Legendary 1972 Dodge Polara CHP for Sale

One such Polara CHP recently surfaced for sale, bearing the marks of its 25-year ownership and proven track record in service. From its inception to its retirement after 20 months of service and 75,332 miles, this vehicle has traversed a remarkable journey, passing through the hands of dedicated individuals who cherished its legacy.

Purchased by a discerning collector, this Polara CHP underwent meticulous restoration, preserving its authenticity and heritage while ensuring its continued appreciation by automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

With its storied past and impeccable condition, this iconic Dodge commands a price tag of $72,000, a fitting tribute to its enduring legacy on the American highway.


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